Inspiring Tips using our Signature Black Truffle Mustard

This celebrated black truffle mustard adds a sublime aroma and flavor to an array of dishes from simple to sumptuous, transforming the humble mashed potato and elevating risottos to dizzy heights.
Black truffle and Chablis mustard


Discover Maille's hints and tips to enhance your dishes and uncover the secret to memorable meals.

• To sample the subtle aroma of Black truffle and Chablis mustard as an appetiser: dice some Comté cheese, spear the cubes on a skewer and immerse in Black truffle and Chablis Mustard.

• Cook your poultry escalopes without fat in a frying pan on low heat. Remove once cooked and coat with a thin layer of Black Truffle mustard.

• For a more elegant Sunday roast, bake in the oven with white wine, then drain. Spread Black truffle and Chablis mustard on each thin slice of meat before serving with baked potatoes scented with Herbes de Provence.

• Home-made sushi: take a sheet of lined cling film and place your salmon on top. Spread with a dash of Black truffle and Chablis mustard, then add a ball of rice cooked in the Japanese style. Wrap in kitchen foil like a sweet. Open, then serve.

• Tortelli al Tartufo: add Black truffle and Chablis mustard to your Ricotta and Spinach Tortelli immediately after draining. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and serve.

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