The flavors of Spring

Make vegetables the star of your Spring cooking with La Maison Maille’s new ‘Les Jardins Secrets des Chefs' Spring Collection.
Les Jardins Secrets des Chefs


From the intense color of early butternut squash, to the crisp, fresh snap of a sugar snap pea, Spring sees a return of inspiring flavors and a kaleidoscope colors to our kitchen gardens.

These tempting flavors are enough to persuade even the most committed carnivores to make vegetables the star of the show as we all crave lighter, fresher flavors to match the new season.

It’s why we asked La Maison Maille’s Consultant Chef Bruno Loubet to create our newest Spring Collection: “Les Jardins Secrets des Chefs.”


Bruno is one of the world’s most influential voices on ‘the way of the vegetable’ and upgrading vegetables from the side of the plate to the heart of the dish.


“I have learnt a huge amount by changing my approach to ‘building’ a dish”, says Bruno. “When vegetables become the essential part of a recipe, bringing both flavor and texture, you have to appreciate what their properties are. That is how I have discovered that mushrooms are very meaty, alliums are sweet, watercress is peppery, tomatoes are both sweet and sour and parsnips taste like honey and straw. Much like an artist would mix his colors, I can now layer flavors to the richness I’m looking for."

Now you too can explore the enticing flavors of vegetables with Maille’s new Spring collection: “Les Jardins Secrets des Chefs.”


Carrot with a hint of Shallot

The sweetness of carrots and shallots are combined with Maille’s piquant Dijon mustard, which Bruno recommends adding to a Spring cassoulet or to the filling of a vegetable quiche to add depth of flavor. Or even to eat as a dip with crudités.

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Beetroot with a touch of Honey

Earthy beetroot is contrasted with honey to bring out its natural sweet notes. Make a homemade vegetarian sausage by combining with lentils, quinoa and sweet potato, or simply serve with a good goat’s cheese.

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Olive and Herbs

Experience the tang of salty olives alongside the aniseed note of Herbes de Provence in this textured mustard, which Bruno personally loves in huge quantities in creamy mashed potatoes or when added to a crab and avocado gratin.

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The range also makes a delicious base for vinaigrettes, using Maille’s flavored vinegars, to dress a salad, drizzle over fresh spring greens, or to add flavor when deglazing a pan.

As Bruno says, “seasons come and go, leaving memories of smell, taste and color. I believe it’s paramount to respect the cycle of life by taking advantage of what it has to offer. A young carrot or beetroot in Spring is a delight for the tastebuds and the green sunny taste of olive and Provençal herbs are simply a joy. Paired with Maille mustard, they’re the perfect combination.”


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