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After more than 267 years of culinary food expertise, Maille has discovered a new class of food lover – the Ultimate Foodie.

Maille believes that for Ultimate Foodies, food is a true passion and one of life’s great pleasures.

Ultimate Foodies keep pushing themselves to become even more accomplished cooks, to discover new and exciting flavours, and to create more unforgettable mealtime memories.

With contributions from Le Club Gastronomique partners Bruno Loubet and FERRANDI Paris, Maille has created a list of the 50 experiences, tastes and techniques that define the Ultimate Foodie.

The Ultimate Foodie 50

1. You have perfected a crystal-clear consommé/ bone broth

2. You can make the perfect béarnaise sauce

3. You know how to rescue a sauce that has split

4. You have three or more types of salt in your kitchen

5. You have taken a cookbook on holiday as your beach-read

6. Have eaten at five or more top Zagat–rated restaurants

7. Selected a vacation destination purely to try a local delicacy (such as Kobe or Wagyu beef in Japan)

8. Spent more on one Saturday night dinner party than your entire monthly food bill

9. Have successfully recreated a meal you’ve eaten at a restaurant, without using a recipe

10. Have dreamt of hosting your own cooking show

11. Used vinegar as seasoning in a dish

12. Made Vietnamese Pho from scratch

13. Tasted Maille’s Black Truffle and Chablis Mustard, served freshly from the pump

14. Filleted a whole sea bass

15. Boned and jointed a chicken

16. Fermented your own vegetables

17. Grown your own vegetables, and cooked them using every part from stem to root

18. Smoked your own garlic or salmon

19. Maintained a sourdough starter for over a year

20. Cured your own meat

21. Cooked sous-vide at home

22. Tempered chocolate

23. Made your own éclairs

24. Sampled Bruno Loubet’s signature salad of sprouting beans and seeds, miso chicken skin, potato wafers and aubergine

25. Been to Osteria Francescana in Bologna run by chef Massimo Bottura and tried the “Oops I dropped the lemon tart”

26. Tried The King’s Butter by Noma Butter Viking, Patrick Johansson

27. Bought fresh fish straight off the boat

28. Have spices from five continents of the world in your kitchen

29. Have cooked with Kohlrabi at home

30. The idea of trying a fermented Century egg intrigues you not disgusts you

31. Risked your life to sample the Japanese delicacy Fugu – the smallest mistake in its preparation can be fatal, and only trained chefs can serve it

32. Sampled a gin or whiskey that has been distilled less than 200 miles from your home or spent at least a day helping to harvest grapes in a vineyard

33. Foraged

34. Owned a set of knives that cost more than your first car

35. Picked/Gathered your own mussels

36. Have eaten wild salmon in its first week of season

37. Hosted a supperclub

38. Funded a food project on Kickstarter

39. Own a copy of Larousse Gastronomique

40. Visited Faviken restaurant in Sweden

41. Have eaten savoury gelato

42. Abandoned a food blog to concentrate on eating not writing

43. Can tell the difference between a Kashmiri and a Punjabi Indian curry

44. Have a pizza oven in the garden

45. Friends don’t invite you to dinner parties any more because you’re even more harsh a critic than Pete Wells (New York Times)

46. Refused to cook or eat dishes that include produce that is out of season

47. Own a kitchen blowtorch

48. Queued in the rain for more than two-hours for the latest no-bookings restaurant

49. Have pre-paid for a ticket to the latest restaurant

50. Have dreamt up your own hybrid food concept (like a cronut/ duffin)


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